Asian Architecture.


☛Here we include architecture “in the Chinese taste,” as adapted by Europeans.

Architecture in China.

Essais sur l’architecture des Chinois, sur leurs jardins, leurs principes de médecine, et leurs murs et usages ; avec des notes. Deux parties [both included in this scan]. A Paris, de l’Imprimerie de Clousier, An XI (1803).

Chinese Architecture. By Joseph Edkins, D.D. Shanghai, Hongkong, Yokohama, Singapore: Kelly & Walsh, Limited. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., Ld. 1890. —A short monograph, no illustrations.

Chinese Interior Decoration. The Cathay Decorative Art Studio, Shanghai, China, [1925]. —Reproductions of traditional Chinese decorations for the American and European markets. “The much admired and appreciated colorful interior, and richly decorated panelled ceiling in the imperial palaces in China have now become so practical and convenient as to be easily obtained and can be adopted to any modern use in the interiors of any library, museum, theatre, auditorium, department store, club, cafe or even in one’s own private home.”

European Architecture in the Chinese Taste.

Rural Architecture in the Chinese Taste, being designs entirely new for the decoration of gardens, parks, forrests, insides of houses, &c., on sixty copper plates with full instructions for workmen. Also a near estimate of the charge, and hints where proper to be erected, the whole invented and drawn by Willm. & Jnn. Halfpenny, Architects. Th 3d edition. London: Robt. Sayer, [1755].

Chinese Architecture, Civil and Ornamental. Being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of plans and elevations, &c., from the Imperial Retreat to the smallest ornamental building in China. Likewise their marine subjects. The whole to adorn gardens, parks, forests, woods, canals, &c.… Adapted to this climate, by P. Decker, architect. London: Printed for the author, 1759.


The Ancient and Medieval Architecture of India: A Study of Indo-Aryan Civilisation. By E. B. Havell. With 176 illustrations and a map. London: John Murray, 1915. —Many fine illustrations, including photographs.