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Original sources and studies of Christian liturgy.

A Collection of the Principal Liturgies Used by the Christian Church in the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist: Particularly the Ancient… Translated into English by Several Hands; with a Dissertation upon them by Thomas Brett. London: Richard King, 1720.

The Liturgies of SS. Mark, James, Clement, Chrysostom, and Basil, and the Church of Malabar. Translated, with introduction and appendices, by The Rev. J. M. Neale and the Rev. R. F. Littledale. Seventh edition. London: Griffith Farran & Co., [after 1869].
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First edition, 1859.

The Greek Liturgies, chiefly from original authorities. Edited for the Syndics of the University Press, by C. A. Swainson. With an appendix containing the Coptic ordinary canon of the Mass from two manuscriptts in the British Museum. Cambridge University Press, 1884.

Liturgies Eastern and Western: Being a Reprint of the Texts, Either Original or Translated, of the Most Representative Liturgies of the Church, from Various Sources. Edited by C. E. Hammond. Oxford, 1878.
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Liturgies Eastern and Western: Being the Texts Original or Translated of the Principal Liturgies of the Church. Edited by F. E. Brightman, on the basis of the former work by C. E. Hammond. Oxford, 1896. —The Eastern section is hugely expanded from Hammond’s edition.

Vol. I. Eastern Liturgies.
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The second volume, on the Western liturgies, was never issued, so the earlier Hammond edition will have to suffice.

Liturgy of St. James

The Ancient Liturgy of the Church of Jerusalem, being the Liturgy of St. James, freed from all later additions and interpolations of whatever kind, and so restored to its original purity; by comparing it with the account given of that liturgy by St. Cyril in his fifth Mystagogical Catechism, and with the Clementine Liturgy, &c. With an English translation and notes. London, 1744.

Anaphora. The Divine Liturgy of Saint James according to the rite of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch. Translated from the original Syriac. Published by Metropolitan Mar Athanasius Yeshua Samuel, Archbishop of the Syrian Orthodox Church in the United States and Canada, 1967.

La Messe : Études archéologiques sur ses monuments. Par Ch. Rouault de Fleury. Continuées par son fils. Paris: Vr A. Morel et Cie, Librairie des Imprimeries Réunies.

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II. (1883.)

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V. (1887.)

VI. (1888.)

VII. (1888.)

VIII. (1889.)

Les Origines liturgiques. Conférences données à l’Institut Catholique de Paris en 1906 par le T. R. Père dom Fernand Cabrol. Paris : Letouzey et Ané, 1906.
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The Liturgy and Ritual of the Ante-Nicene Church. By F. E. Warren. Second edition, revised. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1912.

A Glossary of Liturgical and Ecclesiastical Terms. Compiled and arranged by the Rev. Frederick George Lee, DD.C.L., F.S.A., Vicar of All Saints’, Lambeth. With numerous illustrations on wood. London: Bernard Quarich, 1877.