AN ECLECTIC LIBRARY.—Christian History.

Roman-Era Christianity

Sources and studies dealing with the rise of Christianity and the fading away of paganism in the Roman Empire.

A Large Collection of Ancient Jewish and Heathen Testimonies to the Truth of the Christian Religion, with notes and observations. By Nathaniel Lardner, D.D. London, 1764-1767.

Vol. I: Jewish Testimonies, and Testimonies of the Heathen Authors of the First Century.
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Vol. II: Testimonies of Heathen Writers of the Second Century.
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Vol. III: Testimonies of Heathen Writers of the Third Century, and to the Conversion of Constantin, the first Christian Emperour.
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Vol. IV: Testimonies of Heathen Writers of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Centuries. To which is added the State of Gentilism under Christian Emperours.
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Arguments of Celsus, Porphyry, and the Emperor Julian, Against the Christians; also, extracts from Diodorus Siculus, Josephus, and Tacitus, relating to the Jews. Together with an appendix containing the oration of Libanius in defence of the temples of the heathens, translated by Dr. Lardner; and extracts from Bingham’s Antiquities of the Christian Church. 1830. —A very useful attempt to extract the various arguments of these authors from the refutations of them by Christian writers, and to present them in a connected form.

The Works of the Emperor Julian, with an English translation by Wilmer Cave Wright. Loeb edition, 1913, at

Volume I.

Volume II.
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Volume III.

The Works of the Emperor Julian, and some pieces of the sophist Libanius, translated from the Greek. With notes from Petau, La Bleterie, Gibbon, &c. To which is added, The History of the Emperor Jovian, from the French of the Abbé de la Bleterie. by John Duncombe, M.A. Third edition corrected, 1798, at

Volume I.

Volume II.

The Emperor Julian: Paganism and Christianity. With genealogical, chronological and bibliographical appendices. Being the Hulsean Essay for the year 1876. By Gerald Henry Rendall, M.A. 1879.

Christianity and the Roman Government: A Study in Imperial Administration. By E. G. Hardy, M.A. London, 1894.

The Gnostics and Their Remains, Ancient and Medieval. By C. W. King. London: David Nutt, 1887.

The Mission and Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries. By Adolf Harnack. Translated and edited by James Moffatt. London & New York, 1908.

Vol. I.

Vol. II.

The Social Results of Early Christianity. By C. Schmidt. Translated by Mrs. Thorpe. Second edition, 1889.

The Early Christians in Rome. By H. D. M. Spence-Jones, 1911.

Christian Charity in the Ancient Church. By Dr. Gerhard Uhlhorn, Abbot of Loccum. Translated from the German with the author’s sanction. New York, 1883.
(Another copy: Edinburgh, 1883.)

The Conflict of Christianity with Heathenism. By Dr. Gerhard Uhlhorn, Abbot of Loccum, and Member of the Supreme Consistory in Hanover. Edited and translated with the author’s sanction from the third German edition by Egbert C. Smith and C. J. H. Ropes. —It is not immediately clear what the words “revised edition” mean, so we have collected several “revised editions” of different dates.

New York, 1879.
(Another copy.)

Revised edition, New York, 1879.

Hippolytus and His Age; or, The Doctrine and Practice of the Church of Rome Under Commodus and Alexander Severus; and Ancient and Modern Divinity and Christianity Compared. By Christian Charles Josias Bunsen. London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1852.

Vol. 1: The Critical Inquiry: In Five Letters to Archdeacon Hare.
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Vol. II: The Philosophical Research.

Vol. III: The Life of the Ancient Church, in Education, Baptism, and Worship, in Government and Social Relations.

Vol. IV: The Apology of Hippolytus, and the Genuine Liturgies of the Ancient Church. With Bernaysi Epistola Critica.
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Second edition (1854) of the above, in two volumes, almost completely rewritten:

Vol. I: Hippolytus and the Teachers of the Apostolical Age.

Vol. II: The Life of the Christians of the Apostolical Age.

Éléments d’archéologie chrétienne. Par le Chanoine Reusens. Deuxième édition, revue et considérablement augmentée. Louvain: se trouve chez l’auteur.

Tome premier, illustré d’une phototypie et de 608 gravures sur bois. 1885. —Architecture classique ; période des catacombes ; periode latino-byzantine ; période romane.

Tome deuxième, illustré d’une phototypie et de 578 gravures sur bois. 1886. Période ogivale ; période de la renaissance.