Pennsylvania Dutch.

The Language.

Pennsylvania Dutch: a dialect of South German with an infusion of English. By S. S. Haldeman. London: Trübner & Co., 1872.

Rauch’s Pennsylvania Dutch Handbook. A Book for Instruction. By E. H. Rauch. Mauch Chunk, Pa.: E. H. Rauch, Printer and Publisher, 1879. —Fairly small vocabularies, Deitsh to English and English to Deitsh, and many examples, including some translations of Shakespeare into Deitsh. Rauch uses the English system of spelling. Unscientific, but useful and tremendously entertaining.

The Pennsylvania German Dialect. By Marion Dexter Learned. Baltimore: Isaac Friedenwald, 1889. —The most comprehensive grammar of Pennsylvania Dutch we have found among free on-line books. We might quarrel with the use of phonetic symbols that never appear in Pennsylvania Dutch literature, but on the other hand they do preserve the sound of the language more accurately than any other orthography.
Another copy.
Dr. Learned’s handwritten manuscript of the book, 1887.

Application of the Phonetic System of the American Dialect Society to Pennsylvania German. By Marion Dexter Learned—Apparently a typewritten transcript of an article published in Modern Language Notes, 1890.

The Pennsylvania-German Dialect. A study of its status as a spoken dialect and form of literary expression, with reference to its capabilities and limitations and lines illustrating same. by Lee L. Grumbine. Lancaster (Pa.): Pennsylvania-German Society, 1902.

Horne’s Pennsylvania German Manual. How Pennsylvania German is spoken and written; for pronouncing, speaking and writing English. Allentown, Pa.: T. K. Horne, 1905 (reprinted 1910).  —Includes English pronunciation, Pennsylvania German literature with English translation; Pennsylvania German dictionary, with grammar and spelling rules. A large number of stock illustrations, doubtless on hand at the author’s print shop, with captions in both languages. The section teaching English pronunciation, with the faults commonly committed by Deitsh speakers, is valuable in showing the state of a Pennsylvania Dutch accent at the turn of the twentieth century.
Another copy.

On the German Dialect Spoken in the Valley of Virginia, by H. M. Hays. Reprinted from Dialect Notes, 1908. —This is also a South German dialect, with many features of Pennsylvania Dutch.

Dictionaries and Vocabularies.

Common Sense Pennsylvania German Dictionary, with supplement. Revised and enlarged. Containing nearly all the Pennsylvania German words in common use. By James C. Lins. Reading (Pa.): James C. Lins, 1895. —An unscientific glossary that uses English spelling.

A Dictionary of the Non-English Words of the Pennsylvania-German Dialect. By Marcus Bachman Lambert. Lancaster (Pa.): Pennsylvania-German Society, 1924. A well-made small dictionary, with many phrases and idioms.

Pennsylvania-German Names of Trees. By C. D. Mell, Assistant Dendrologist, U. S. Forest Service. —A four-page pamphlet. We preserve it here especially because we like the professional title “Assistant Dendrologist.”

Literature in Pennsylvania Dutch.

The Literature of the Pennsylvania German Dialect: with a bibliography. A dissertation submitted to the Board of University Studies of the Johns Hopkins University in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. By Harry Hess Reichard. Baltimore, 1911. —Typewritten, and 353 pages; a priceless document, and the Internet magically transforms “priceless” into “free.”

Pennsylvania-German Dialect Writings and Their Writers. By Harry Hess Reichard. Lancaster (Pa.): Pennsylvania-German Society, 1918.
Another copy.

Harbaugh’s Harfe. Gedichte in Pennsylvanisch-Deutscher Mundart. Von H. Harbaugh, D.D. Philadelphia: Reformed Church Publication Board, 1870.
Another copy.

Boonastiel: “Pennsylvania Dutch,” by T. H. Harter, editor and proprietor of “The Middleburgh Post,” Middleburgh, Pa. 1893.

En Hondfull Färsh: experiments in Pennsylvania German verse, with an introduction on the capability of the Pennsylvania-German for poetic expression. By J. Max Hark, D.D. Pennsylvania-German Society, 1900.
Another copy.

Harbaugh’s Harfe (Harbaugh’s Harp). By Ulysses Sidney Koons. A paper read before the Pennsylvania-German Society at the Seventeenth Annual Meeting held at Philadelphia, November 7, 1907. Lancaster (Pa.): Pennsylvania-German Society, 1909.

Aurand’s Collection of Pennsylvania German Stories and Poems. Beaver Springs, Pa.: A. M. Aurand & Son, 1916.

Pennsylvania Dutch Spirituals. —No publisher, editor, or date; a typewritten booklet of lyrics.

History of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Bilder aus der Deutsch-pennsylvanischen Geschichte. Von Oswald Seidensticker. New York: E. Steiger & Co., 1885.