Pittsburgh Newspapers,

Including Southwestern Pennsylvania.

This is the beginning of a guide to newspapers from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, as found in various archives. The list is sorted roughly chronologically.

☛The Pennsylvania Newspaper Archive has newspapers from all over the state.


The Daily Pittsburgh Gazette, 1828–1842.

Freiheits-Freund, 1834–1870.

Pittsburgh Daily Gazette and Advertiser, 1841–1847.

Daily Morning Post, 1842-1843.

Pittsburgh Morning Post, 1843–1846.

Pittsburgh Daily Gazette and Advertiser, 1844–1847.

The Daily Morning Post, 1846–1855.

The Pittsburgh Daily Gazette, 1847–1851.

Pittsburgh Daily Gazette, 1847–1872.

The Pittsburg Daily Dispatch, 1849–1880.

The Daily Pittsburgh Gazette, 1851–1861.

Pittsburgh Morning Post, 1855–1859.

The Pittsburgh Post, 1859–1864.

Freiheits Freund und Pittsburger Courier, 1860–1865.

Daily Pittsburgh Gazette and Commercial Journal, 1861–1863.

The Daily Pittsburgh Gazette, 1863–1866.

The Pittsburgh Gazette, 1866–1877.

Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette, 1877–1901.

Pittsburger Volksblatt, 1859–1900.

Pittsburgh Daily Commercial, 1863–1864.

The Pittsburg Dispatch, 1880–1923.

Also at the Pennsylvania Newspaper Archive:

The Pittsburgh Dispatch, 1880–1923.

The Pittsburgh Press, 1880s–1990s.

Volksblatt und Freiheits Freund, 1901–1940.

The Mount Washington News, 1911–1975.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1927–2000.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Sun-Telegraph, June, 1960.

Other Cities in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


American Citizen, 1863–1872.

Butler Citizen, 1877–1922.

The Butler Times, 1907–1912.


Greensburg Daily Tribune, 1890–1978.

Greensburg Morning Review, 1926–1927.

New Castle.

New Castle News, 1926–1951.


The Washington Reporter, 1845–1985.

The Washington Observer, 1878–1967.

☛The Library of Congress has 102 digitized newspapers from the state of Pennsylvania.

Single Issues,

Arranged Chronologically.

The Mystery, 1845-04-16.

Freiheits Freund und Pittsburger Courier, 1861-10-01.

The Mount Washington News, 1908-12-11.