Joel Barlow.

The Vision of Columbus; a poem in nine books. By Joel Barlow, Esquire. Hartford, 1787. —Later revised and expanded to become The Columbiad, below.

The Columbiad, a poem. By Joel Barlow. Philadelphia, 1807. —The first edition, beautifully printed and carefully scanned from the University of Pittsburgh library, at It seems not to be available on Google Books.

The Columbiad, a poem. By Joel Barlow. London, 1809. —This is the first London edition, as far as we know.

The Columbiad, a poem, with the last corrections of the author. By Joel Barlow. Washington City, 1825.

Anne Bradstreet.

The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America. Or Severall Poems, compiled with great variety of Wit and learning, full of delight, etc. Printed at London for Stephen Bowtell at the sign of the Bible in Popes Head-Alley. 1650.

Several Poems compiled with great variety of wit and learning, full of delight; wherein especially is contained, a compleat discourse and description of the four elements, constitutions, ages of man, seasons of the year. Together with an exact epitome of the three first monarchies, viz. the Assyrian, Persian, Grecian, and Roman Common Wealth, from its beginning, to the end of their last king. With divers other pleasant and serious poems. By a gentlewoman in New-England. The third edition, corrected by the author, and enlarged by an Addition of several other Poems found among her papers after her death. Printed from the second Edition, in the Year 1753.

The Poems of Mrs. Anne Bradstreet (1612–1672). Together with her prose remains. The Duodecimos, 1897.