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On Correspondence Schools of Photoplay Writing

In his regular column in Moving Picture World, Epes Winthrop Sargent prints the lament of one correspondent who had wasted his money on one of those schools of photoplay writing that advertised in the backs of magazines like Moving Picture World.

One of the Ism-ists

Max Eastman, the editor of The Masses, describes a meeting with a fellow leftist of some sort. But what sort?

The Gentleman in Black

From Horatio Winslow, a prolific writer of magazine short stories, comes a very short story about a young man and his frightful supernatural visitor.

A Literary Volstead Act

Ernest Augustus Boyd brings forth a modest proposal to answer the vexed question of censorship. Let obscenity be treated the way the Volstead Act treats alcohol—prohibited, but available with a doctor’s prescription.

If the Reformers Had Their Way

The editor of a movie magazine in 1922 imagines what the world would be like if the self-appointed reformers who brought us Prohibition could really have everything they wanted.

An Ending to Suit Everyone,
by G. William Breck

How do you end a story without alienating all but one of the cliques into which literary taste has divided readers? Simple, says G. William Breck (who is the same man as the cartoonist Bill Breck): you offer multiple endings.

The Pious City of Eusebes
and the Warlike City of Machimus

King Midas hears the story of the infinite continent beyond this world, and the interesting customs of the inhabitants of its two greatest cities.

Lady-Spies, by Delight Evans

Toward the end of World War I, it seemed that every dark beauty in the movies was a spy for the Kaiser. Delight Evans, who was seventeen years old when she wrote this piece, runs through the dreary catalogue of clichés in a bit of free verse that’s anything but dreary.

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