Byzantine Empire.

Books that deal with the Eastern Roman Empire from roughly the fall of the West to 1453.



The History of the Warres of the Emperour Justinian in Eight Books. Written in Greek by Procopius of Caesarea. And Englished by Henry Holcroft, Knight. London: Humphrey Moseley, 1653.

Procopius, with an English translation by H. B. Dewing. In seven volumes. —Loeb Classics edition.

Vol. I. History of the Wars, books I and II.

Vol. II. History of the Wars, books III and IV.

Vol. III. History of the Wars, books V and VI.

Vol. IV. History of the Wars, books VI (continued) and VII.

Vol. V. History of the Wars, books VII and VIII.

Vol. VI. The Anecdota or Secret History.

Vol. VII. Buildings, General Index to Procopius.

Procopii Caesariensis Arcana Historia, Qui est liber nonus Historiarum. Ex bibliotheca Vaticana Nicolaus Alemannus protulit, Latinè reddidit, Notis illustravit. Lugduni: Sumpt. Andreae Brugioti Bibliopolae Romani, 1623. —The first edition after the manuscript was discovered in the Vatican library. A beautifully printed volume, with a lovely script Greek type and fine illustrations among the extensive notes. It must have been a big seller, because there are several copies on line.
Another copy.
Another copy.

Procopius, Literally and Completely translated from the Greek for the First Time. [The Secret History.] Athens: Privately printed for the Athenian Society, 1896. —Greek with facing English translation.

Modern Historians.

Historia Byzantina duplici commentario illustrata. Prior, Familias ac Stemmata Imperatorum Constantinopolianorum, cum eorundem augustorum nomismatibus, & aliquot iconibus : praeterea familias dalmaticas & turcicas complecticur: alter, Descriptionem Urbis Constantinopolitanae, qualis extitit sub imperatoribus christianis. Auctore Carolo du Fresne. Lutetiae Parisiorum, Apud Ludovicum Billaines, 1680. —Many engravings of Byzantine coins in the first part, as well as a couple of maps.

History of the Byzantine Empire, by George Finlay. 1853.

Volume I.

Volume II.

The Byzantine Empire, by C. W. C. Oman, M.A., F.S.A. 1892. Part of the series “The Story of the Nations.”

Byzantine Constantinople: the walls of the city and adjoining historical sites. With maps, plans, and illustrations. By Alexander van Millingen, M.A. 1899.

History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. By Edward Gibbon. These are the original editions, or their near successors, so that we may read Gibbon as he first burst upon the astonished public. It should be noted that the “fall of Rome” in the West occurs at the end of the third volume, leaving three more fat volumes of Byzantine and western history.

Vol. 1 (1776).

Vol. 2 (1781, second edition)

Vol. 3 (1781, second edition)

Vol. 4 (1788)

Vol. 5 (1788)

Vol. 6 (1788)

J. B. Bury.

J. B. Bury, still one of the most quoted Byzantine historians, has his own page.

Byzantine Art and Culture.

A Treatise on Byzantine Music, by the Very Rev. S. G. Hatherly, Mus. Bac. Oxon. With many examples scored for piano and voice.

Byzantine Ceramic Art. Notes on examples of Byzantine pottery recently found at Constantinople with illustrations, by Henry Wallis. 1907.

Byzantine Art and Archaeology. With 457 illustrations. By O. M. Dalton. 1911. The illustrations are well-scanned black-and-white photographs.

Byzantine and Romanesque Architecture, by Thomas Graham Jackson, R.A. Cambridge, 1913. With many fine illustrations. The scans at are very good; the ones at Google Books are often marred by moiré effects in the scan.

Vol. I.

Vol. II.
Another copy.

Second Edition, 1920:

Vol. I.
Another copy.

Vol. II.

At Google Books:

Volume I.
(Another copy.)
Volume I, second edition, 1920.

Volume II.