Classical Authors, O

Ocellus Lucanus

Ocellus Lucanus On the Nature of the Universe. Taurus, the Platonic Philosopher, On the Eternity of the World. Julius Firmicus Maternus Of the Thema Mundi; in which the positions of the stars at the commencement of the several mundane periods is given. Select theorems on the perpetuity of time, by Proclus. Translated from the originals by Thomas Taylor. London: Printed for the translator, 1831.


The Book of the Orphic Hymns, together with the principal fragments of other hymns also attributed to Orpheus. The whole extracted from Hermann’s edition of the Orphica. Printed in uncial letters as a typographical experiment. 1827. —Surely one of the most unusual editions of any Greek literature; it is printed, without breathings and accents, in a type imitated from classical inscriptions.

The Hymns of Orpheus, Translated from the original Greek: with a preliminary dissertation on the life and theology of Orpheus. Printed for the author, 1792.

The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus. Translated from the Greek, and demonstrated to be the invocations which were used in the Eleusinian Mysteries, by Thomas Taylor. Second edition, with considerable emendations, alterations, and additions. Chiswick: Printed for the translator, 1824.
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