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Master Index of the Church Fathers.

We have a new page of the Church Fathers and other early Christian writers arranged alphabetically.

The entire Eclectic Library site began with a single page of links to Google Books copies of the Church Fathers in the Schaff editions. (We now have a page of those same editions in better scans from the Internet Archive.) That was many years and several servers ago. Over time we have gradually accumulated many other editions of the Fathers and other early Christian writers, until the whole collection became unwieldy, and it was very difficult to round up all the works of even a well-known writer like Augustine.

It was time for an improvement in our organization.

This new alphabetical arrangement should make it easy to find any early Christian writer you wish to find. Since “Church Fathers” is by far the most common term people use when looking for most of these writers, we continue to use that name. It is, however, an expansive definition of “Church Fathers”; it includes some Mothers as well, and some heretics, and some non-Chalcedonian Christians (whom you may choose to call heretics if you like), and some minor writers who generally don’t make it to the list of “Fathers of the Church.” In short, for the minor writers, we have followed our usual principle of including anything that interests us; but we have tried to be comprehensive in collecting all the major Church Fathers.

Almost all these works are in English translations. A minority are in French translations where no English one was readily available, and we have included a few editions in the original languages as well.

As usual, we have made this change without breaking any links. The various other pages on which we collected these texts are still live.

September 26, 2021.

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