See also the Palestine Pilgrims’ Text Society editions.

Chronicles and Original Histories.

Chronicles of the Crusades, being contemporary narratives of the crusade of Richard Coeur de Lion, by Richard of Devises and Geoffrey de Vinsauf; and of the Crusade of Saint Louis, by Lord John de Joinville. London: Henry G, Bohn, 1848. —Quoth the librarian, “The chronicle here attributed to Geoffrey de Vinsauf is now shown to be, in large part, a Latin translation of Ambrose’s L’estoire de la guerre sainte, probably made by Richard, canon and prior of Holy Trinity, London, about 1200. cf. Gross, Sources and Literature of English History.”
Another copy.
Another copy.

Recueil des historiens des Croisades. Publié par les soins de l’Académie [Royale] des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. [The “Royale” disappears with the royalty.]

Historiens occidentaux.

Tome I. Guillaume de Tyre.

Ier partie.

IIe partie.

Tome II. Traduction et continuations de Guillaume de Tyre.

Tome III. Tueboeuf, Raimond d’Aguilers ou d’Agiles, Foucher de Chartres, Raoul de Caen ,Robert le Moine.

Tome IV. Baudri, évêque de Dol, Guibert de Nogent, et Albert d’Aix.

Tome V. Ekkehard, Caffaro, Gauitier, histoire anonyme de Baudouin III, etc. Index generalis.

Historiens grecs.

Tome I.

Tome II.

Historiens orientaux.

Tome I.

Tome II.

Tome III.

Tome IV.

Tome V.

Documents arméniens.

Tome I.

Tome II.

Documents latins et français relatifs à l’Arménie.

Assises de Jérusalem, ou Recueil des ouvrages de jurisprudence.

Tome I. Assises de la Haute Cour.

Tome II. Assises de la Cour des Bourgeois.

Villehardouin (or Ville-Hardouin).

Geoffreoi de Ville-Hardouin. Conquête de Constantinople, avec la continuation de Henri de Valenciennes. Texte original, accompagné d’une traduction, par M. Natalis de Wailly. Troisième édition. Paris: Firmin-Didot et Cie, 1882.
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William of Tyre.

See the Recueil above for the original text.

A History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea. By William, Archbishop of Tyre. Translated and annotated by Emily Atwater Babcock and A. C. Krey. New York: Columbia University Press, 1943. —Two volumes, both included in this scan. Note the date, and be careful with the copyright: it may never have been renewed, but the book may also have been digitized by an overzealous history buff.

Godeffroy of Boloyne, of The Siege and Conquest of Jerusalem. By William, Archbishop of Tyre. translated from the French by William Caxton, and printed by him in 1481. London: Early English Text Society, 1893.

The History of Godefroy of Boloyne and of the Conquest of Jerusalem. Kelmscott Press, 1893 .—A beautiful printing of Caxton’s text by William Morris.